End of the RODEO project: concrete advances and mature technological solutions!

RODEO has been launched to respond to a Call for Project from the European Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking. The consortium consists in five partners: three industrial companies (PRECISE as orbital drilling solutions provider; KUKA as robotic integrator; and MITIS as expert in drilling technologies and processes) and two research labs, respectively parts of Université … [Read more…]

RODEO mid-term meeting – 25 septembre 2018 in Peillonnex (Fr)

All RODEO project stakeholders gathered at PRECISE’s premises in Peillonnex on September 25, 2018 for a mid-term meeting of the project. This was an opportunity to present the results already obtained, and in particular to discover various prototypes of orbital drilling heads and specialized cutting tools, adaptable to both machining center, robots and cobots. Participants, … [Read more…]

Objective of the RODEO project

The main objective of the RODEO project is to propose lightweight robotized orbital milling equipment as well as appropriate cutting tools and operating conditions, to enable drilling of tightly spaced small diameter holes in aluminium with the control of induced residual stresses. This will be accomplished by: modelling the phenomena involved in orbital drilling that … [Read more…]

PRECISE France and its partners carry an innovative project funded under Clean Sky 2.

PRECISE France, KUKA Systems Aerospace, MITIS, the Clément Ader Institute (ICA) in Toulouse and the Digital Sciences Laboratory of Nantes (LS2N) carry an innovative project funded under Clean Sky 2. The RODEO (Robotized Orbital Drilling Equipment and Optimized Residual Stresses) project was launched in response to the 2016 call for projects under the Clean Sky … [Read more…]